The leadership of a chemicals manufacturer engaged Carnrite to assist with their digital transformation project. The company operates 6 facilities across 4 continents and was undertaking a multi-million-dollar journey to modernize their facilities and embed data driven decisions within their organization to achieve Industry 4.0. The client realized that to sustain performance improvements at a local and global level and deliver the promised ROI, they would need outside assistance focused on human capital and organizational change.


The initial engagement focused on one facility and laid out plans for support of the broader global initiative:

  • Assess current state
  • Articulate the digital transformation’s value proposition
  • Design change management strategy
  • Communicate and plan globally

The primary workstream focused on human capital and organization change was coordinated by the Project Manager.

  • Understand how people’s roles will change in the future operating state and identify the underlying behaviors and processes that require a corresponding change in the future
  • Identify opportunities to train those individuals in required changes
  • Develop high-level roll-out plan for implementation

These workstreams helped lay out a path forward for the next 1-2 years of implementation at both the local and corporate level.

Key Results & Outcomes

  • Reviewed all project planning and milestones to-date
  • Interviewed and mapped all stakeholders and developed a stakeholder management plan at both a local and corporate level – – from executive leadership to shop floor
  • Conducted impact analysis workshop to validate value proposition and define the future operating state
  • Developed communications plan for both local and corporate functions
  • Documented the degree of change for roles and responsibilities for all personnel involved in project implementation
  • Created team structure and roadmap for implementation tied to milestone activities and financial results

Carnrite’s Unique Value Contribution

Before engaging Carnrite to support project management and change management within their digital transformation, the client had numerous “false starts” and had trouble getting sustained performance improvement, even at the pilot program level. They had installed the technology, but had neglected to focus on the people who would be impacted, the business processes that would have to change, and the ripples this would cause throughout the organization.

After Carnrite’s involvement, the client had a new understanding of how to manage their stakeholders, communicate effectively across the organization, stick to clear roll-out plans, measure progress and results, assign roles and responsibilities, and hold their people accountable.


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