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The Carnrite Group is a management consulting firm focused on the energy and industrials sectors. From offices in Houston, Texas and London, United Kingdom, Carnrite deploys its expertise on projects globally. Carnrite is the dedicated, practical business partner with the ability to tackle the complex. Additionally, Carnrite makes strategic investments in technology, healthcare, real estate and the community through Carnrite Ventures and Carnrite Cares, the investment and charitable giving divisions of the company, respectively.

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Where Great Business Comes Together.

Carnrite formed a partnership with Fifth Ring, a leading marketing and communications agency, to bring unique services and capabilities to our clients. Called Walk the Talk, the partnership combines Carnrite’s proven management consulting expertise with Fifth Ring’s marketing, communications, and stakeholder engagement capabilities. Put simply, well-rounded business strategies help you walk the walk, while excellent stakeholder engagement helps you talk the talk. Sign-up for the webinar featuring leadership from both companies to learn more.

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“Part of the problem is the cost structure in our industry is still just too high. We have too many companies, too many management teams, too much of everything. If there’s ever a point where we’re going to see a major restructuring of our industry, it needs to be now.”


Al Carnrite

President & CEO

Oil and Gas Investor July 2020 Cover Page for Al Carnrite Interview

Business Decision Optimization

For those wanting to do better business, Carnrite is the dedicated, practical, business partner with the ability to tackle the complex. From corporate strategy to human capital, organizational change to navigating disruptive technologies, we make sure that whatever you’re going through, we’re in it with you.

We listen, we understand, and we’re never afraid to challenge you to make the right business decisions. We’re pragmatic and we’re transparent. With the ability to achieve greater value, we help you make meaningful, sustainable change. Together, we help you achieve the best business outcomes. We make business sense.

“Our company has been reshaped for growth, which was one of the key criteria behind the transformation process. We thank our partner, Carnrite, for sharing their and others’ experience and successes in such transformations. They helped us look at what we need to improve and actually enabled us to start doing that.”


CEO, Multinational Oilfield Services Company

"They could write an HBR article about the transformation that has taken place here. We couldn't have done it without The Carnrite Group."


CEO, E&P Independent

"Carnrite's consultants challenged us, which is what we needed to get where we needed to be."


Senior Leadership, Large E&P Independent

"They're a 'one stop shop' in terms of support for our business. They are very responsive and work diligently with employees to get us ready for growth."


President, Investment Partner

"They look for opportunities to invest in the company to take advantage of mid-to-long-term opportunities, not just short term targets. They are as much advisors and partners in our business as they are investors."


CEO, Investment Partner

"The Carnrite Group allowed our company to extract hidden talent and knowledge from within our organization. In doing so, they raised already high individual IQs to an even higher 'integrated' corporate IQ and enabled an empowered organization to make better decisions."


Director, Large Independent

"We not only view them as investors, but also as mentors and trusted advisors. We’ve been very happy and would definitely use them again in the future."


President, Investment Partner

"I enjoy the partnership with Carnrite. Also, you are the best at what you do that I have met."


CEO, Multi-National Oilfield Services Company

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