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Leading the Pack through the Next Wave of Consolidation

Following thirty years of advising oil and gas clients through industry cycles, Carnrite shares key learnings to help leaders move forward, successfully, with a consolidator’s strategy.

How Business Leaders can Proactively Assess and Manage Supply Chain Risk

Stress-testing your supply chain on 5 key risk elements and setting yourself up for long-term success in any environment.

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Oilfield Services Insight Series: Winning in any Environment

Boom and bust cycles in the oil and gas sector are as much tradition, as they are fact. Leaders must consider how to best position their business with this inherent volatility. In this series, we discuss how a resilient operating model helps oilfield service companies survive and win in challenging environments.

Latest News from The Carnrite Group

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Persefoni lands $3.5M round with funding primarily from Rice Investment Group and Carnrite Ventures

Using AI models built within its platform, Persefoni wants to make measuring and tracking every organization’s carbon footprint as ubiquitous as managing their financial performance.

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Luminare Partners with the CDC for NACCHO Conference Presentation to Debut Coronavirus Screening Solution

Carnrite Ventures partner, Luminare, developed the Quickscreen technology by leveraging their core expertise from their highly effective sepsis detection software platform currently used in hospitals.

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Al Carnrite's Interview with Oil & Gas Investor - July 2020

“Part of the problem is the cost structure in our industry is still just too high. We have too many companies, too many management teams, too much of everything. If there’s ever a point where we’re going to see a major restructuring of our industry, it needs to be now.”

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Case Study Strategy and portfolio development for a large independent
Image of computer linked to the Case Study for Digital Transformation at an International Chemical Manufacturer
case study Supply chain plaque global procurement and Strategic transformation
Plaque linking to a case study on workforce planning and development for a large US Independent

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