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Since its founding in 1991, Carnrite has established and maintained relationships across the upstream oil and gas industry. Building from that foundation, Carnrite has expanded across the energy value chain, including refining, renewables, and power, as well as into the industrials sector.

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Carnrite Insights

Carnrite has helped clients through volatile markets, rapidly changing business environments, internal strategic, financial and operational challenges, and even pandemics. The constant is our team of results-driven, authentic, human, and immersive consultants who have decades of first-hand experience at companies like yours.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the industries in which we work, but we earn our clients’ trust through an immersive approach to understanding their business and culture. We forge relationships at all levels of an organization that are the key to driving sustainable and impactful change. Carnrite is your dedicated, practical business partner.

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