Sustainable Digital Transformation for Global Chemical Manufacturer

Sustainable Digital Transformation for Global Chemical Manufacturer

The leadership of a chemicals manufacturer engaged Carnrite to assist with their digital transformation project. The company operates six facilities across multiple continents and had initiated a program to modernize facilities and embrace data driven decision-making across the organization in pursuit of Industry 4.0. The company realized that to sustain performance improvements at a local and global level and deliver the promised return on investment, they would need third-party implementation assistance. We were engaged to provide change management support to the digital transformation program.


The initial engagement focused on implementing a suite of digital solutions, including OSIsoft’s PI system, at one facility. The deployment would later be used as a blueprint for implementation of the initiative globally. Our high-level approach to support the implementation was as follows:

  • Reviewed all project planning and milestones prior to our involvement
  • Interviewed and mapped all stakeholders; developed a stakeholder management plan for the facility and impacted corporate functions – from executive leadership to the shop floor
  • Clearly defined the future operating state and changes to existing ways of working
  • Conducted impact analysis workshops to validate and summarize the value proposition
  • Developed and deployed communications for the facility and corporate functions
  • Created team structure and implementation roadmap tied to milestones and financial results 
  • Designed a robust change management strategy, including stakeholder management plans
  • Develop and deploy communications to all facility employees 
  • Document lessons learned throughout the deployment and plan for global implementation

Recognizing employees at all levels would need to adopt new technologies and ways of working, change management was paramount to the success of the digital transformation program. Consultants from our Digital Transformation and Human Capital practices worked in partnership to understand how employees’ roles would change in the future operating state, identify required adjustments to behaviors and work processes, and provide training to impacted employees.

Key Results & Outcomes

The workstreams we supported established a clear blueprint for the multi-year implementation program. Armed with these approaches and templates, the client deployed the program across remaining facilities and corporate functions with minimal additional consulting support. The digital transformation positioned the company to achieve $75 million in year-over-year productivity savings. 

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