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Leading people and managing change are perhaps two of the most challenging aspects of human capital management, and today’s business environment only elevates the complexity. Inconsistent human resource practices and poorly managed change both risk the delivery of business objectives.

From cost reduction to process improvement, integration to a full turnaround, Carnrite views human capital and organizational change as integral components for any successful and sustainable strategic solution. Our holistic approach to assess and ensure our client’s human resource practices and change management processes are comprehensive and aligned with corporate strategy and values, provides our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage. The development of an aligned and empowered organization begins by recognizing people as an asset, not an expense; thereby, helping our clients to attract and retain top talent.

Aligning and Engaging People and Managing Change Drives Results


Change Management and Human Capital

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How HR Organizations Can Bring Meaningful Impact to Base Business

Business Decision Optimization

“Working closely with both asset and corporate leadership teams, that were otherwise siloed, brought greater strategic thinking and alignment to workforce planning and development and established best practices for talent retention and acquisition in challenging environments.”

Carnrite designed a workforce planning approach that was key to modeling how business activity drives workforce requirements.

Doug Schlegel

Senior Director

Human Resource Planning and Development Case Study

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