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Digital Transformation

Utilizing New Technologies to Change the Game.

With challenges across the globe, leading companies are looking for any lever to help them improve operational effectiveness, unleash innovation across their organization, streamline business processes, reduce costs, and reduce risk. It’s no surprise that they are increasingly turning to technology and digital transformation to help address their greatest challenges.

Across all sectors, our clients are actively trying to figure out what digital transformation means to them. Do they want to be an industry leader? A fast follower? Or do they want to take a slower approach that ensures they only pursue proven technologies, while not being left behind their peers? The are numerous combinations of established and emerging technologies to consider, ranging from data analytics and dashboards, IOT sensors and automation, to artificial intelligence, cloud migration, blockchain and digital twins. Increasingly, our clients are turning to Carnrite to help with many of the challenges that come with digital transformation.

Determining the correct course of action is just the beginning. At each step along the way Carnrite works side-by-side with our clients to help them make the right decisions, engage all necessary stakeholders, and develop strategic roadmaps that lay out sequential plans of activity. Once we have worked with our clients to lay out the path forward, we stay with them, side-by-side to implement the changes ranging from targeted rollout of a new platform, to expansive implementation of multiple global applications, to culture change associated with the transformation.

Carnrite’s Approach to Digital Transformation

Carnrite’s hands-on approach helps clients accelerate implementation and deliver sustainable results.

Carnrite's Digital Transformation Consulting Services Infographic

Business Decision Optimization

“With a defined change management strategy, our client shifted focus to the people impacted, the processes that needed change, and the structure required to sustain their transformation.”

Carnrite designed a change management program for a chemicals manufacturer undertaking a multi-million-dollar journey to modernize their facilities and embed data driven decisions within their organization to achieve Industry 4.0. 

Image of computer linked to the Case Study for Digital Transformation at an International Chemical Manufacturer

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