Strategic Alliances

We recognize our clients face difficult business decisions – our mission is to make it easier for them. We’re always looking for innovative ways to achieve our mission and create value for our clients. To achieve these goals, we’ve assembled a network of strategic alliances with leading technology, marketing and communications companies. We work with our alliance partners separately and jointly to provide solutions and meet the needs of our clients.

Data Gumbo Logo

Data Gumbo

Data Gumbo is a trusted transactional blockchain company whose network is ushering in a new era of digital transformation for capital-intensive industries.  Their solutions enable real-time visibility, massive cost savings, and harness the power of automated commercial transactions through smart contracts.  Carnrite is a strategic investor and non-exclusive design and implementation partner for Data Gumbo’s blockchain technology solutions.

Beyond Limits Artificial Intelligence Logo

Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits is an industrial-grade AI company built for demanding sectors including energy and utilities. Beyond Limits’ pioneering Cognitive AI technology combines machine learning techniques with knowledge-based reasoning to provide decision-makers with actionable intelligence, boosting operational insights, improving operating conditions, enhancing performance, and ultimately increasing profits as a result. Carnrite entered into a partnership with Beyond Limits in 2020, where we will collaborate on digital transformations, AI readiness assessments, and deployment of AI solutions globally.

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Persefoni is a Carbon Footprint Management Platform designed for companies and investment portfolios to measure, analyze, plan, forecast, and report their Carbon Footprint. With stakeholders demanding progress toward decarbonization, it is increasingly important for companies to not only understand their current footprint but be able to efficiently measure progress and generate actionable insights as they execute carbon reduction strategies. From performance scores to analytics features, Persefoni has built AI capabilities into the core of the platform. Carnrite partners with Persefoni to help clients develop and operationalize energy transition strategies, define performance metrics and reporting, and configure and deploy the Carbon Footprint Management Platform.

Fifth Ring Logo

Fifth Ring

Fifth Ring is an integrated, business-to-business marketing and communications agency with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. At its core, Fifth Ring helps companies increase sales and build better brands, resulting in visible, measurable, and impactful results for clients.

Walk the Talk

Carnrite entered into a partnership called “Walk the Talk” with Fifth Ring, where the companies collaborate to help clients address complex challenges, including strategic repositioning, the energy transition, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate transformations. The partnership is grounded in the belief that successful strategic change requires a defined plan and efficient execution (the “Walk”), as well as effective change management and communication (the “Talk”).  

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