Our Strategic Partner Ecosystem

We're always looking for innovative ways to create value for our clients. No management consultancy can (or should) try to meet all client needs alone. To expand and augment our service offerings, we assembled an innovative ecosystem of partners. Our relationships with our ecosystem partners vary from being equity investors in these companies to forming formal partnerships and alliances to maintaining informal, mutually-beneficial relationships. Forming the ecosystem provides us with knowledge of the landscape of available solutions. However, we remain solution agnostic and are committed to understanding your requirements and finding a solution that meets your business needs.

Persefoni’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform enables enterprises and financial institutions to meet stakeholder and regulatory climate disclosure requirements with the highest degrees of trust, transparency, and ease. We help organizations large and small configure and deploy this ERP of ClimateTM, providing them with an engine to measure, analyze, plan, forecast, and report greenhouse gas emissions. With stakeholders demanding progress toward a lower carbon future, it is increasingly important for companies to not only understand their emissions but be able to efficiently measure progress and generate actionable insights as they execute carbon reduction strategies. From performance scores to analytics features, Persefoni has built AI capabilities into the core of the platform.

Data Gumbo built an interconnected industrial smart contract network secured and powered by blockchain, ushering in a new era of digital transformation for capital-intensive industries. Carnrite helps companies to configure and deploy GumboNetTM to automate commercial transactions, reduce costs, and facilitate trust between counterparties. Data Gumbo has also developed an ESG product, which utilizes financial and operational data to calculate emissions. The ESG smart contracts can be deployed internally or between counterparties, providing our clients with an innovative way to calculate Scope 3 emissions across supply chain spend categories.

Building on ERCE’s long history of technical auditing and subsurface consulting, ERC Evolution was founded to enable the development and financing of the next generation of energy projects. We formed a relationship and combined our capabilities with ERC Evolution to help clients build greenhouse gas emissions inventories, as well as to evaluate and advance carbon capture and storage (CCS), and geothermal projects. Many CCS and geothermal project operators will choose to raise independent debt and equity capital for each project. Lenders and investors are likely to demand third-party verification of the viability of each project. ERC Evolution is well positioned to provide this service, as ERCE has done for reserves-based lending in the oil and gas sector for decades.

Dubai-based NETZERO Middle East specializes in carbon credits and offsets in voluntary carbon markets. Its clients include project developers, energy and industrial companies, and governments. NETZERO works with nature-based and engineered project developers to originate and monetize carbon credits, while assisting companies in “hard-to-abate” sectors with sourcing high-quality offsets. Our partnership with NETZERO allows us to help clients measure, monitor, reduce, and offset emissions. Recognizing that offsets are a viable part of many Energy Transition strategies and increasing carbon prices, we acquired NETZERO Middle East in 2021.

WaterFleet is a best-in-class service provider of mobile water and wastewater utility services and workforce relief solutions. They provide millions of gallons of verified potable water to thousands of workers every month, while tracking and surfacing the overwhelmingly positive environmental impact of their services. WaterFleet processes millions of gallons of domestic wastewater to a reusable standard, taking hundreds of trucks off the road and raising the quality of life for operations personnel. Using state-of-the-art proprietary technology and trained technical staff, WaterFleet solves human water needs in places where water and wastewater utilities are not available. WaterFleet provides us with another proven solution that we can bring to clients as they operationalize ESG strategies.

Umbrage is a crafts-based studio focused on designing, developing, and delivering enterprise software solutions. Umbrage’s offerings span product management, UX/UI design, full stack development, dev-ops, and quality assurance. Umbrage is unique in that they deliver amazing enterprise software while simultaneously forging a process that emboldens change management within your organization. Our Digital Transformation practice helps clients solve business problems using digitally enabled solutions. Umbrage Studios is our partner to develop and deploy custom digital solutions when off-the-shelf options do not meet our clients’ needs.

Fifth Ring is an integrated, business-to-business marketing and communications agency with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. At its core, Fifth Ring helps companies increase sales and build better brands, resulting in visible, measurable, and impactful results for clients. We formed a partnership called “Walk the Talk” with Fifth Ring, where we collaborate to help clients address complex challenges, including strategic repositioning, the Energy Transition, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate transformations. Our partnership is grounded in the belief that successful strategic change requires a defined plan and efficient execution (the “Walk”), as well as effective change management and communication (the “Talk”).  


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