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Supply Chain and Logistics are fundamental to our clients’ businesses. It is the glue that holds a company’s operations together – people working together across an organization to create value. Optimization is achieved by guiding the right behaviors through robust processes while driving on-time delivery through clear and transparent performance tracking owned by the entire business. When optimized, the individual efforts of suppliers, producers, and vendors are elevated and aligned to establish a reliable system, whose collective value is greater than the sum of the parts.     

Carnrite’s supply chain consultants have extensive experience across multiple industries, including oil and gas, oilfield services, discrete manufacturing, refining and chemicals, and shipping and logistics.  We understand what influences supply chains, therefore, we know how to focus our client’s efforts to optimize the touchpoints between the workforce and their customers and vendors. We differentiate ourselves by delivering programs and solutions to effectively manage costs and drive operational performance with the ability to scale. 

When it comes to being successful in today’s environment, every supplier, vendor and ‘order to remittance’ customer experience matters. Carnrite understands that every business is unique, which is why we examine and challenge the supply chain operating model to understand how business objectives are measured and translated into concrete and achievable actions. We apply proven principles to each supply chain engagement and customize solutions that leverage your talent for operating your business, and we listen to all levels of your organization to deliver buy-in for impactful change.

Carnrite’s Supply Chain Maturity Model

Carnrite's Supply Chain Optimization & Maturity Model Stages 1-5

Carnrite Insights

How to “stress-test” your Supply Chain function and ensure your business can weather any disruption.

Business Decision Optimization 

“A client in transition needed a complete rework of their procurement strategy and organization; Carnrite enabled the client to realize considerable cost savings and shift into the top of their competitor class.

A manufacturer shifting to a distributor and marketer of parts engaged Carnrite re-align their fragmented and decentralized tactical purchasing organization.

Michael Rich

Senior Consultant

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