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Process Improvement

Fostering Cultures of Continuous Process Optimization Improves Performance.

​Business processes are the vehicles that channel an organization’s talent, capabilities, and discipline into accomplishing strategic goals. Process optimization begins with identifying and prioritizing value-accretive activities and removing barriers inhibiting efficient process improvement. Focusing on building a supportive operating model and a reliable supply chain maximizes resource efficiency and productivity and drives value across functional boundaries.

Carnrite’s deep knowledge of industrial, manufacturing, upstream, and midstream management processes, among others, helps our clients quickly assess critical workflows.  Once identified, performance metrics are defined and evaluated in order to isolate and address performance gaps. In short, we drive out waste, establish a governance framework, and empower all process stakeholders to proactively manage process improvement and performance at every level of the organization.

Business Decision Optimization

Partnering with our client to streamline their asset development planning process led to improved asset performance, but also drove a renewed energy in the workforce leading to increased productivity.”

Carnrite delivered an optimized well planning, development and execution process that was linked to poor workforce morale and declining asset performance.

Kyle Vano


Asset Development Process Optimization for a Large Independent an example of process improvement and process optimization

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