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Operations Excellence

Strategic Alignment from the Ground Floor to the Boardroom.

At Carnrite, we like to get our boots dirty. Our engagements begin with a maturity assessment and observational study of our client’s operations in the field or on the production line. We work alongside operations teams to generate and deliver our recommendations to gain full alignment up-and-down the organization. We take pride in our ability to design and implement fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to our client’s needs and business.

Carnrite brings over 25 years of industrial and oil and gas operations consulting experience to challenge traditional thinking – helping clients to achieve and sustain performance improvements even in the most challenging environments. We re-design operating models with the core assets in mind, then drive out non-value-add activities. Our solutions are jointly-developed with our clients to maximize organizational capabilities and business performance across people, processes, and technology. The end results: using data to positively impact decision-making in all facets of the operating system, focusing an energized organization that feels ownership of the improvements, and accelerating financial and functional results.

The Carnrite Operating System

Carnrite's Operations Excellence System infographic

Business Decision Optimization

“We helped our client become a unit-cost leader in its basin by developing a series of operations dashboards visible throughout the organization and connected to the cost management system in real-time.”

Carnrite identified cost savings opportunities for an E&P portfolio company after a financial restructuring to accelerate more profitable operations.

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