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Carnrite’s industrial consulting expertise spans engineering, discrete manufacturing, transportation, distribution and logistics.

Collectively, our team has over 100 years of manufacturing and industrials consulting experience. We specialize in domestic and global operational excellence implementations, supply chain optimization, sourcing, customer relationship management, product development and go-to-market strategies, M&A advisory, and turnarounds.

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Engaging and transforming businesses from the bottom-up. Through a pragmatic approach, Carnrite quickly and effectively diagnoses challenges and delivers valuable, fit-for-purpose solutions with minimal disruption to our client’s business.

Businesses in the manufacturing and industrials sectors are facing a multitude of challenges, stemming from complex global supply chains, increasing competition, eroding margins, increasing regulatory pressure, and managing ESG imperatives. These headwinds pressure leaders to refresh their strategies for growth and execution. Now more than ever, optionality is important.

Exceptional performance begins with engaging and empowering the entire organization to drive improvements within their operations and across their broader value chain. To begin the journey to sustained performance improvements, Carnrite’s manufacturing and industrial consulting specialists work with our clients to analyze their business processes for gaps and opportunities. We carefully analyze market trends, competitive position, and best-in-class examples to find the best strategic next steps. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with all levels of the organization to determine the size of the operational and financial prize.

We partner with our clients to determine the future-state operating model and build out a roadmap, describing the details, timeline, level of effort, and responsibilities for the improvement project, to accelerate implementation. The result is a tailored project plan that is aligned with corporate strategy, yet implementable at all levels of the organization.

Business Decision Optimization

Successful Turnaround & Exit for a Specialty Manufacturer

After several periods of declining sales and operating losses, Carnrite helped stabilize a distressed portfolio company and sold to an industry consolidator.

Steve Cobb

Managing Director

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