Trusted Advisor, Valued Partner

Strategic Investments & Partnerships

Carnrite Ventures is a venture capital firm in Houston, TX, however, our location does not limit the opportunities we are willing to consider.


As seasoned investors with a track record of success, we are actively seeking investment opportunities.  If you are a business with growth potential or one that requires operational and financial performance improvements to maximize value, we would love to hear from you.  As a Carnrite Ventures partner, you benefit from more than just investment capital.  You also receive guidance from our talented team with extensive experience in executive leadership and turnaround services and access to back-office support.  Carnrite Ventures has invested over $10 million dollars in almost 20 investments.  As a result, two of those investments have been monetized returning 16X to its investors.  The remaining investments continue to evolve and are in various stages of maturity.  Our role in these investments includes membership on the Board of Directors, financial planning and analysis, business advice, and back office support.


Carnrite Ventures is a part of The Carnrite Group.  If you would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us today!

Typical Investment Profile

  • Early stage companies
  • Capital needed for growth
  • Would benefit from Carnrite expertise
  • Require operational or financial turnaround or restructuring

The Carnrite Difference

  • Act as partners in business
  • Considerable capabilities and expertise
  • Ability to act quickly to unlock value
  • Proven history of immediate operational enhancements

Active & Past Investments

Carnrite currently holds a stake in the following companies:

Creating Value Through Executive Leadership

The right people in the right place at the right time

Transitions sometimes call for a fresh leadership perspective.  Carnrite’s executives serve in C-Suite leadership roles as well as the senior positions that report to them.  These leaders come from a broad range of industry backgrounds and experiences. They focus on driving profitability improvement, cost reduction, business re-positioning and revenue optimization.