Founded in 2015, Carnrite Ventures is a private investment firm headquartered in Houston, Texas that places early-stage investments in a variety of industries across the United States. Carnrite Ventures has invested over $10 million in 25 opportunities, and has successfully monetized 3 opportunities at attractive exit multiples. Carnrite Ventures continues to selectively source new investment and partnership opportunities. 

Carnrite Ventures is the investment arm of The Carnrite Group.

In a challenging year for startups and venture capital investors, attractive opportunities are abundant.

Jeff Carnrite

President, Carnrite Ventures

The Venture Capital Landscape

Early-stage companies face a difficult challenge in 2020, like so many other companies of various sizes across the world. Early-stage companies are particularly vulnerable to economic recessions, typically relying on outside capital to fund operations and growth projects while establishing revenue streams. Venture capital plays a critical role in financial markets by providing capital to and partnering with entrepreneurs to grow new ventures.

While the venture capital ecosystem is far larger and more mature than it was during the last global economic crisis, the cost of capital is far greater today than it was pre-pandemic. Because of that, venture capital funds and investors are playing defense within their existing portfolios and new fundraising is likely to slow. This presents a great opportunity for investors eager to allocate capital to private markets.

Selected Investments

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