Turnaround Services

Proven Track Record in Turnarounds

The Carnrite Group has extensive experience in restructuring and turnarounds.  Working with industry, private equity and hedge fund clients and partners, we have a continually growing track record of success aggressively reducing costs, radically improving performance and creating value for shareholders.  Our team offers business and industry knowledge, wisdom and bold pragmatism to make the timely decisions necessary to “right the ship”.  If bankruptcy or restructuring is required, Carnrite can assist with these needs as well.


Need Help Restructuring?

Carnrite’s goal is to become a valued partner and trusted advisor to every client.  With that in mind, our seasoned consultants come ready and willing to tackle the toughest problems you are facing.  With experience at the helm of many different organizations, our team has the tools and breadth of knowledge to get you through whatever challenges you are facing.  We are here to move you to a position of stability and profitability in the quickest and most cost efficient way possible.



Phases of a Transformation

Generally, most restructuring or turnaround projects involve 5 phases.   These are the most common phases we will go through when called upon to help you through a transformation:

Assessment phase:

  • Once you determine that you need help restructuring, it is imperative that we begin working as quickly as possible.  Our team will conduct an initial assessment of the client’s distress or issues in cooperation with selected Client leadership.  Efficiency is critical, but not to the point that it impacts being thorough. The findings and recommendations are then presented and discussed before the next phase.

Creation of a roadmap and timeline:

  • In collaboration with leadership, Carnrite prepares a detailed roadmap and timeline. KPI’s are identified along with who has ownership & accountability for the delivery of the agreed-upon objectives and goals.
  • Most roadmaps include two or more options or paths to take, together with critical decision points.
  • Because of its extensive industry experience, Carnrite typically can support their recommendations with objective benchmarking data or examples of past success and best practices to support its recommendations.

Agreement on the path forward and desired roadmap:

  • Carnrite and the Client then finalize the roadmap and confirm the team members who will have responsibility and accountability to leadership.
  • Carnrite strongly believes, implementation and follow through is critical. Therefore, Carnrite stresses in each engagement that the client designates key personnel to work shoulder to shoulder with the Carnrite team to ensure that the roadmap is successfully and completely implemented.


  • As referenced above, implementation of the roadmap and achieving the KPI’s and objectives is the objective. This is the reason that key client personnel are involved in the foregoing stages.
  • Carnrite believes that any roadmap or workout plan that is not implemented is a failure. Our experience has shown us that it is critical that any roadmap or plan, must have Client personnel who understand the plan and the objectives, and have the support of leadership to complete the implementation.
  • Carnrite roadmaps are typically prepared to include KPI’s, performance metrics and other directional guidance to act as a reference or ‘playbook’ for the client to reference going forward.


  • In keeping with our mission, to become valued partners & trusted advisors, we will check-in from time to time to see how things are going, and are never more than a phone call, text or email away.

Interim Executive Leadership

The Carnrite Group provides experienced leaders to assume interim executive and management roles on an as-needed basis.


The Executives from Carnrite are ready and willing to serve in C-Suite leadership roles as well as the senior positions that report to them.  With experience including financial management, operations, and functional management, this elite leadership team comes from a broad range of industry backgrounds.  In addition, they are also experts at organizational design and optimization.

The Carnrite Group Interim Executives work with your management team to develop and implement strategic programs to increase revenue and drive profitability. Our candidates have experience in growth strategies through new markets, new products, mergers and acquisitions, avoiding/managing bankruptcy, and more.  We are here for as long as our help is needed, and most clients keep us on through the final implementation.