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Proven Track Record of Turnarounds and Transformations.

From decades of working closely with industry, private equity, hedge fund clients, and other partners, Carnrite has a proven track record of helping companies enhance and preserve enterprise value.  We accomplish these goals by aggressively reducing costs, radically improving performance and creating value for all stakeholders. Our special forces approach of working side-by-side with client teams allows rapid evaluation of the entire organization and the development of an implementation roadmap that can be deployed and monitored by client leadership. While some firms start at the C-Suite, Carnrite starts at the wellhead or the shop floor and works up to the C-Suite identifying and eliminating waste at all levels of the business, as well as identify opportunities to improve profitability.

Time is always of the essence in distressed situations. Our team utilizes practical business wisdom, industry knowledge, and bold pragmatism to drive the decisions necessary to right the ship in a timely and sustainable manner. Timely implementation of a Carnrite and client developed approach and plan, helps our clients and their stakeholders avoid the crippling time delays and tremendous legal and advisory costs associated with filing for bankruptcy protection. However, should bankruptcy or a court-supervised restructuring be required, Carnrite’s process can be equally effective prior to filing, during bankruptcy, or upon emergence from bankruptcy.

Carnrite's distressed business consulting stages of Transformations and Turnarounds

Business Decision Optimization

“We not only focused on the execution of the plan, but also the long-term sustainability of results, ensuring the company’s continued success post-turnaround.”

Carnrite outlined significant cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities for a underperforming E&P portfolio company​.

John Hageman

Managing Director

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