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This series on the Energy Transition will cover many different aspects of the world’s progress toward the goal of net-zero GHG emissions. These short articles are intended to provide digestible, balanced, impartial insights into what is an extremely fast-moving situation. We will be adding a new article each month, so keep an eye out for the next one and follow us on LinkedIn for more insights.

The Energy Transition:
Past, Present & Future


In many ways, the Energy Transition has been the defining influence on the energy industry since the 1980s.  It’s no understatement to say that the Energy Transition represents the most significant potential disruption to the developed world since the industrial revolution.


Develop Sustainable Strategy for Oilfield Services

Pros & Cons


Hydrogen is a very interesting element, and extremely topical in the context of the Energy Transition.  Hydrogen can be burned to produce energy without releasing greenhouse gases; and it can be piped and stored, which means that – unlike wind and solar – it is a “dispatchable” source of power.


Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Article Title Image
Adapt to Win

Oil Companies: Energy Transition Strategies Compared


Although the definition of “Energy Transition” is still evolving, the concept is gathering momentum.  In the developed world, companies are responding in very different ways to it. 

Manage Costs

Life Begins at 50: an Unprecedented Variety of Options for the UK North Sea


The UK seeks to maximize oil and gas recovery from the North Sea … but its Net Zero 2050 legislation has started to complicate the basin’s future.

Develop Sustainable Strategy for Oilfield Services

Carbon Capture & Storage:
Variations on a Theme

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a process is both well understood and physically feasible. In the current context it is being discussed as a means to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration. This article focusses on the key technical aspects and business drivers of CCS: in short, what is CCS and what does it take to make it an economically worthwhile activity? In order to do that we will draw some comparisons between NW Europe and the USA.


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