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Oilfield Services Sector

Our oilfield service consultants have helped service companies overcome challenges for over 25 years.

Carnrite’s track record of developing and implementing successful growth and recovery strategies for oilfield service companies is rooted in our substantial operating and management experience within the sector.

The oilfield services sector is a barometer of the oil and gas industry. Companies facing challenges of meteoric growth during industry up-cycles must be agile and able to make decisions quickly. Carnrite helps first-movers grow faster in this environment and help develop winning strategies with actionable roadmaps.

Frequent industry down-cycles often result in immediate revenue collapse and the prospect of painful contractions for service companies. Those who survive may be repeatedly right-sized and reimagined. Our ability to help businesses through the transformation process is matched by the operational experience that we apply to deliver cost savings by engaging our clients across and through their organization. The results that they achieve mean that they can succeed now and are better prepared for the next growth cycle.

Our clients call us whenever the need arises, because of our ability to translate business imperatives into opportunities that drive returns through improved performance, capital discipline, and increased organizational health.
Charting a successful rise to competitive excellence and sustainable profit growth in either scenario requires management talent, experience, and resilience; which Oilfield Service companies often lack. To address this challenge, we tailor our engagements with executive coaching by our senior leaders, who have led Oilfield Service businesses, and mentor teams through change management programs to help them develop the experiential skills that they need today. Based on our demonstrated experience dealing with these set of challenges for over 25 years, Carnrite anticipates and solves issues for our clients that help them to win in any price environment.

Carnrite’s Winning Approach for Oilfield Services

Carnrite's Approach to Oilfield Services client projects

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Insights Collection

Boom and bust cycles in the oil and gas sector are as much tradition, as they are fact. This collection of insights discusses how resilient operating models  help oilfield service companies survive and win in challenging environments.

Business Decision Optimization

Case Study: Oilfield Services Strategy & Portfolio Transformation
Outstanding results from a recent international project for a company that Carnrite helped to deliver significant savings and a global growth strategy in today’s challenging environment.

Chris Chia

Managing Director

Offshore Oil Rig

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