Supply Chain Consulting

A robust supply chain organization should function as a strategic partner to the business.


As supply chain consultants, we have seen the structure of supply chains changing rapidly over the past several years.  Automation, robotics, big data and subsequent analytics, now play more of a role in optimizing a supply chain than ever before.

Some of the biggest hurdles our clients face are:

  • Lack of agility in the logistics process
  • Need for strategic sourcing
  • Supplier performance management
  • Siloed decision making and data collection
  • Antiquated or poorly designed processes
  • Underutilized or inaccessible data in decision making
  • Significant lag times in the ordering process

In oil and gas, as with other industries, there is a common misconception that procurement is strictly a cost center.  Additionally, there is also an assumption that larger companies realize economies of scale from suppliers based on size alone.  However, in our experience as supply chain consultants in many different industries, we have found that is not the case.

The Carnrite Group’s approach to optimizing a supply chain and logistics begins with a simple assessment of a cross-section of the organization.  From there, we determine a company’s supply chain maturity level and formulate a plan to help you move forward.  The cost savings that come from optimization alone can be 25% or higher, and this, in turn, boosts your organization’s competitive advantage.

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