Projects and Case Studies

We want our potential clients to get a feel for the way we work and the results we achieve.  Here are a few of our consulting project case studies and insights that will give you a glimpse into the way we work.

Maturity of a Supply Chain Organization

Supply Base

Organizational Capability
Optimization at a Major

Organization Capability
and Structure

Reorganization of a
North American E&P

Application of Manufacturing
Principles in E&P

Merger & Acquisition Screening
for a Small-Cap E&P

Reorganization of a Multi-National Independent

Rock Strata Layers Representative of Shale

Reservoir Process Management
for a Major

Base Business Optimization
for a Large Independent

Operations Transformation Fueled by Benchmarking

Streamlining Processes and Procedures for a Sustainable Advantage

Decision Process at an

Field Optimization Analysis
for an Independent