Carnrite Ventures invested in Luminare in 2017, following their award as “Most Promising Web & IT Company” at the Rice University Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship. Carnrite Ventures is currently the principle investor for Luminare and Managing Director John Hageman serves as a board member.  Carnrite’s contribution to the company has included assisting the Founders with marketing plans and leads, building on their existing business strategy and providing tactical back office support.

Luminare was started by Dr. Sarma Velamuri in 2014 when he had numerous patients who were not being identified as having sepsis in a transplant center.  His friend’s daughter subsequently passed away from sepsis which led to the singular focus of Luminare to address all areas of sepsis processes.

Eliminate Misidentification, Cumbersome Workflows and Delayed Treatment

Luminare combines Realtime data analytics with an intuitive SEPSIS screen tool to create a treatment system that nurses love and ensures no patient is left behind. This is achieved by marrying computing intelligence with behavioral modification. Incorporating game theory and fractional design results in lives saved and decreased costs.

Luminare has recently completed a successful multi-level impact, 50 bed pilot where 43 patients were intervened on, resulting in an estimated decrease in operational costs of $89,747. The company is also celebrating an upcoming deployment in a large Houston-area hospital.

For more information on Luminare please reach out to Sarma Velamuri M.D., CEO at For more information on Carnrite Ventures please reach out to Nick Carnrite, Managing Director of Carnrite at