Thoughts from The Carnrite Group

As we will explore, there are many and complex factors that will impact the future evolution and creating a sustainable advantage in the LNG market. There are significant export capacities coming online, continued development of agile LNG uptake, delivery and consumption technologies, policies pushing renewable energy, and even the emergence of a global LNG spot market. There are many factors to consider when developing a sustainable competitive advantage in an uncertain market. How do we create sustainability when there is so much uncertainty in the future? We believe that companies need to create a “view of the world” and must execute on it. Even in an uncertain environment, companies should perform situational analysis to determine a strategy for the future.


Some of the largest LNG players have developed a view that a worldwide shortage of LNG is close at hand.  These same players are acting accordingly during a time when others believe oversupply will create a price suppressing glut. These points of view clearly depend on perspective, and executing a clear strategy may be more important than which bookend of informed opinion is nearest to our own.  #CarnriteConversations #CarnriteGroup