About The Carnrite Group


Carnrite’s History:

Providing Consulting Solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry Since 1991

Alan “Al” Carnrite founded The Carnrite Group in 1991 in Houston, Texas following a career at Pacific Petroleum and Petro-Canada. In its early days, Carnrite worked exclusively in the oil and gas industry, with many projects focused on benchmarking, analysis and valuation. The firm quickly evolved to a full-service management consulting company servicing all segments of the oil and gas industry. Since its beginnings, the team shared a passion for providing innovative, customized and actionable solutions to complex challenges.


Carnrite Today:

Leveraging a Solid Foundation to Build for the Future

Management consulting, with deep roots and focus in the energy industry, continues to serve as the foundation of The Carnrite Group. Building on this foundation, Carnrite has selectively expanded to take on projects in a variety of industries, particularly in those where learnings from the energy industry can be applied. Geographically, Carnrite’s consultants have led and supported projects in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In 2019, The Carnrite Group opened an office in London, where it will establish a dedicated European presence.

Additionally, Carnrite has successfully established Carnrite Ventures, where it makes investments in industries including energy, real estate, technology, healthcare and telecommunications. The Carnrite Group has been passionate about giving back to the communities in which it operates since its origin and has now formalized this commitments with the creation of Carnrite Cares.

How We Work

By working collaboratively with our clients, we turn business intelligence into insights, insights into competitive strategies, and strategies into actionable plans. Carnrite’s consultants understand the industries in which they work. Most projects involve many different business units, functions and disciplines, each with their own desired results. Carnrite works collaboratively to manage change, challenge natural biases, build alignment, lead from behind and ensure sustainable results. Typical engagements span strategy, portfolio, process optimization, organization design, operation improvement, supply chain optimization, competitive benchmarking and change management.


The Carnrite Group has earned a reputation as a valued partner and trusted advisor with executive leadership throughout the energy industry, as well as with private equity, hedge fund, other industry and portfolio company partners. We build lasting relationships with leaders that trust our judgement, respect our honesty and value our expertise. A nearly 30 year history of business results support this track record.


Additional Information

Carnrite Ventures is a venture capital firm in Houston, TX and a subsidiary of The Carnrite Group.  The creation of Carnrite Ventures provided opportunities to make an impact in other industries and disciplines.  This includes real estate, intellectual property, healthcare services, blockchain, private equity, consumer products, manufacturing and technology among others.

Carnrite also gives back through the Carnrite Cares initiative, which provides support for organizations that are important to our employees, clients, and partners.


Honest, Unbiased and Expected to Challenge


  • We understand that each company requires a fit-for-purpose approach
  • Our approach is customized to fit unique needs; we don’t believe in force-fitting pre-packaged, off-the-shelf solutions


  • We have highly experienced oil & gas management consultants that integrate quickly and adapt to each company’s culture
  • Our people work cooperatively as part of a team to deliver effective, implementable solutions
  • The solutions we offer are the result of shared perspectives, talents and experiences


  • We specialize in the energy industry – our consultants understand its drivers and complexities
  • We seek first to understand and prioritize challenges and opportunities
  • The experts on each project are those suited to the client organization and its unique challenges


  • We believe in fit-for-purpose, sustainable solutions grounded in common sense
  • Our staffing model is practical and unique – we staff projects with experienced personnel supplemented by a small back office and targeted analytical support

Meet the Managing Directors

Alan Carnrite

President & CEO


Nicholas Carnrite

Managing Director

Steve Cobb

Managing Director

Nolan King

Managing Director

John Hageman

Managing Director

Lea Ann Robertson

Managing Director

Gillian Tilbury

Managing Director