About The Carnrite Group

Carnrite’s Foundation:

Oil and Gas Management Consultants Providing Solutions to Executive Leadership Since 1991

The Carnrite Group began as a team of oil and gas management consultants based in Houston, TX.  Though they still have ongoing projects worldwide related to this specialty, the firm has also parleyed their experience into other industries.  Led by Al Carnrite and highly experienced Managing Directors, this team shares a passion for providing innovative, actionable solutions to complex challenges.

Carnrite Today:

Management Consultants Offering Custom, Implementable Solutions to Clients in a Variety of Industries

The creation of Carnrite Ventures provided opportunities to make an impact in other industries and disciplines.  This includes real estate, intellectual property, healthcare services, blockchain, private equity, consumer products, manufacturing and technology among others.

Process & Project Overview

By working collaboratively with our clients, we turn business intelligence into insights, insights into competitive strategies and strategies into actionable plans.  While a few projects may be straightforward, most involve many different business functions, each with their own desired results. Carnrite’s projects involve everything from business strategy, portfolio, process optimization and operations improvement to organization design, competitive benchmarking, supply chain optimization and change management.

Occasionally, the goals of the different business units are conflicting.  While that causes a dilemma for the organization, it is in these particular challenges that we thrive.  To address these challenges, we employ both extensive experience and creativity to formulate the best possible solution.  At the end of a project we provide custom implementable solutions, giving clients a sustainable advantage.


Even though Carnrite started as oil and gas management consultants, we have successfully expanded our capabilities.  Based on the feedback received, our clients and partners appreciate our ability to challenge company paradigms and natural biases. As a group of highly experienced consultants from different backgrounds, we strike a balance between assimilating and challenging a company’s “norms” in order to ensure that we reach the best possible implementable solution.

Thanks to the talents of our team, we have earned credibility by consistently delivering successful results in engagements spanning six continents and a multitude of countries.  Additionally, our extensive track record of repeat business is evidence of the lasting relationships we cultivate with decision-makers who trust our judgment, respect our honesty and value our expertise.

Additional Information

Carnrite Ventures is a venture capital firm in Houston, TX and a subsidiary of The Carnrite Group.  Carnrite also gives back, supporting organizations that are important to our employees, clients, and partners.

Honest, Unbiased and Expected to Challenge


  • We have highly experienced oil & gas management consultants that integrate quickly and adapt to each company’s culture
  • Our people work cooperatively as part of a team to deliver effective, implementable solutions
  • The solutions we offer are the result of shared perspectives, talents and experiences


  • We understand that each company requires a fit-for-purpose approach
  • Our approach is customized to fit unique needs; we don’t believe in force-fitting pre-packaged, off-the-shelf solutions


  • The experts on each project are those best suited to the organization and unique challenges
  • We seek first to understand and prioritize challenges and opportunities
  • With our clients in mind, our thoughts and actions are focused on activities that create the most value


  • We believe in fit-for-purpose, sustainable solutions grounded in common sense
  • Our staffing model is practical and unique – we staff projects with experienced personnel supplemented by a small back office and targeted analytical support

Meet The Directors


Alan Carnrite


Nicholas Carnrite

Managing Director


John Hageman

Managing Director

Nolan King

Managing Director

Lea Ann

Lea Ann Robertson

Managing Director


Gillian Tilbury

Managing Director

Our Clients & Partners

Our roots are in oil and gas industry consulting.  These roots provided us with a solid foundation to build upon in other industries, with the shared challenges of motivating and aligning people, optimizing capital equipment and investment decisions and competing in dynamic and challenging markets.


What They're Saying


  • The Carnrite Group allowed our company to extract hidden talent and knowledge from within our organization.  In doing so, they raised already high individual IQs to an even higher 'integrated' corporate IQ and enabled an empowered organization to make better decisions.

    Director – Large Independent

  • They could write an HBR article about the transformation that has taken place here.  We couldn't have done it without The Carnrite Group.

    CEO, E&P Independent

  • They're a 'one stop shop' in terms of support for our business. They are very responsive and work diligently with employees to get us ready for growth.

    President, Investment Partner

  • Carnrite's consultants challenged us, which is what we needed to get where we needed to be.

    Senior Leadership, Large E&P Independent

  • They look for opportunities to invest in the company to take advantage of mid-to-long-term opportunities, not just short term targets. They are as much advisors and partners in our business as they are investors.

    CEO, Investment Partner

  • We not only view them as investors, but also as mentors and trusted advisors. We’ve been very happy and would definitely use them again in the future.

    President, Investment Partner